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Trending Now: Indoor golf tournaments in the off-season

Trends come and go, but this is one we're excited about! Who says you can only have one golf tournament a year? Yes, definitely host your big event outside, on a course, with a banquet dinner after. The annual golf tournament is the foundation for many organizations' fundraising revenues. But what about during the off season? How can you have a golf fundraiser when it's snowing outside? Easy, you host an indoor golf tournament!

Charity golf tournaments are increasingly being hosted indoors during the off-season, and for good reason. Thanks to advanced technology - we're talking simulators or golf lounges like Topgolf - you can now host a tournament when it's snowing outside. This trend offers a truly unique experience for the participants, but it also opens up opportunities for your organization to fundraise year-round.

This is where our Fantasy Golf scratch off cards come in. They're a perfect fit for an indoor tournament! Options include Chamber of Commerce luncheons, alumni dinners, charity banquets, country club membership can include Fantasy Golf cards at any of these events for a really fun indoor golf fundraiser. Raise the price of these cards to $30-$50/card and sell them the same way you would sell raffle tickets. Unlike a traditional raffle though, the golfers are in control of whether they win or not. The participants may all be inside, but these scratch off golf cards let people play a round of golf in a few minutes. By scratching off 1 of 4 spots per hole, they compete to see who winds up with the lowest score. It's almost like being on a real course, except you can buy more tickets and try to scratch off a better score!

Fantasy Golf cards are a great addition to the traditional golf tournament, and now they're a natural add on to any indoor event. Whether you use simulators or golf lounges and use Fantasy Golf as an additional golf fundraiser - or you use our cards on their own - indoor charity golf tournaments are a trend worth watching.

scratch off golf cards for charity tournaments
charity golf fundraisers for indoor tournaments



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