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What golf fundraisers do you have?

We're proud to offer 5 different scratch off golf games that can be used as golf fundraisers: 18 Hole cards, Fairways cards, 9 Hole cards, Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin cards, and our Chambers of Commerce scratch off golf cards.

What is the difference between the scratch off golf cards?

The 18 Hole Fantasy Golf card is our original scratch off golf game. It's the one that started it all and our all time best selling golf fundraiser! The Fairways card is an oversized card with a different background design than the 18 Hole card. It's a terrific golf fundraiser if you have a lot of sponsors' logos you'd like to fit onto the card. The 9 Hole card is a small fun version of our 18 Hole card. It plays fast and is a perfect golf fundraiser for small events and leagues. The Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin card features 2 scratch off golf games on 1 card. These cards can be sold on their own, or they make a fantastic add on to any of our other cards as a "booster" for your fundraiser. Sell them during lunch or at check in to raise extra money for your charity or organization. The Chamber of Commerce card features a unique background design that is dedicated to US Chambers of Commerce golf outings.

How do you play Fantasy Golf?

Fantasy Golf scratch off cards let you play a round of golf in a few minutes! The participant scratches off 1 of 4 spots per hole to determine what they "shot" which can range from an eagle to a quadruple bogey. The final score is tabulated and recorded on the card with their name and date. The person with the lowest score wins! You determine how many winners you want so you aren't limited to just one overall winner. The prizes are items that have been donated by your sponsors.

Is every Fantasy Golf card numbered different?

Yes! We use variable data programming so that each scratch off golf card you receive is numbered differently - no two cards will ever be alike. This means each card is a potential winner, which is one of the reasons these cards sell so well. Everyone has a legitimate chance to win. It just depends which spots you scratch off. Let the fun begin! 

What if there is a tie?

Due to the variable data programming we use, the odds of two golfers scratching off the same score are extremely small. If, however, you have a tie, whichever golfer scratched off the lower number on Hole 1 is your winner.

What is the difference between generic cards and custom cards?

Generic cards simply mean they are not customized for your event or sponsors. The actual scratch off game itself plays exactly the same whether you order generic or custom cards. Generic cards feature a full color front (the non-scratch off side). Custom cards allow you to customize the non-scratch off side with anything you want: your company or organization's name, logo, event, golf course, sponsors' logos, coupons, charity information, etc. The scratch off side for the generic and custom cards are identical. It is the other side of the card that you are able to customize any way you want! We always have generic cards in stock so we can ship within 24-48 hours of your order. Custom cards ship within 1 week.

How do I sell sponsorships for these cards?

Co-op advertising can cover the entire cost of the golf cards. You can also sell available space on the cards to sponsors to raise additional money. You can have one company paying for the cards or you can include multiple ads that we print on the cards.

How much do I sell them for at my golf tournament, league, country club, or fundraiser?

Sell Fantasy Golf cards for $1-$10 per card. Encourage your golfers to purchase multiple cards by pricing them in groups: 1/$5, 3/$10, etc. You determine the price you sell the cards for so if you are awarding more expensive prizes or this is an exclusive charity event, you can charge more for each card!

How many winners are there and what type of prizes do I give away?

You can have as many or as few winners as you want.  Use donated gifts as prizes to keep your costs down. You can award one big prize for the lowest overall score that is scratched off or you can have multiple smaller prizes and gift cards for the ten people who scratched off the lowest scores. This is your golf fundraiser, it's all up to you!

Do you offer prizes?

We have our scratch off bucket list posters that are extremely popular! They can be used as the prizes given away for the Fantasy Golf Cards or they can be used at your silent auction.



What size are the scratch off posters?

The posters are 12" x 18".

Do the posters come framed?

No. The images on this website show our posters in a number of different frames, to give you an idea how they will look in various frames and rooms.


What size frame do you recommend?

The bucket list posters are 12" x 18". This means you need to have a frame equal to or larger than 13" x 19". If you wish to have a frame with a mat, make sure the OPENING is 12x18" and the actual frame is 13" x19" or larger (for example, 16" x 20" frame matted to a 12" x1 8" opening). You could also use a magnetic poster hanger that is 12" wide.

Can I order a custom bucket list poster?

Yes, you can! Please email your request to and we'll reply within 24 hours.

What is the paper quality?

All our bucket list posters are printed on 100# bright white cardstock. The posters are digitally printed with vibrant inks and finished with a gloss UV coating. Printed in the U.S.A.



What kind of payment is accepted?

We accept payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

I get an error message when I try to pay. What do I do now?

Typos can happen! Please check that the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and zip code are entered in correctly. The payment may have been declined by your bank which there can be numerous reasons for. You might have to reach out to them to solve the problem. Sometimes trying again later can also be a solution.



The tracking number says my order was delivered but I did not receive it. What do I do?

The first step is to see if someone in your household accepted the package. Sometimes, the package will be left with a neighbor, or somewhere near the mailbox, by the garage, or on the side of the house.  Rarely, the shipping carrier will mark a package delivered that won't be delivered until the next day. This has a tendency to happen if a delivery is scheduled for the weekend. Please wait one more day to see if the package comes. If you still haven't been able to locate the package, please contact our customer service at and we will find a solution.

My item(s) arrived damaged. What now?

We do our best to ship your order in the safest and most secure way. If your order for any reason arrives damaged, please take a photo of the damage and let us know immediately so we can help you solve the problem. We are happy to send out a replacement for damaged items. If you do not want a new item shipped, we kindly ask you to initiate a return and we will refund your order upon receipt. Important: Please make sure to take photos of both the package and the damaged product(s) and send them together with any relevant information about the claim to Remember to note your order number in the email. 

I received the wrong item. What happens next?

Please take photos of the wrong item and the packaging it arrived in and send it via email to our customer service right away so we can make this right. Contact:

An item is missing from my order. How do I get it?

First, please check your tracking information. If your order contains several items, it might have been shipped in more than one parcel. If all parcels have been delivered, please email us right away with photos of what you received and and packaging it arrived in. Please contact our customer service at and we will find a solution for you.

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