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scratch off golf fundraisers

For over 30 years, Scratch Off Works has focused on creating innovative marketing solutions and dynamic promotions you won't find anywhere else. We specialize in branding promotions, retail scratch off contests, employee safety programs, scratch off golf fundraisers for charity golf tournaments and corporate golf events - everything is designed to increase brand awareness and generate tangible results. Over the years, we've grown into a world class scratch off agency with clients located around the globe. Our design team has won countless awards. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals on budget and always on time. You won’t find better or more personal customer service in the industry!

Our Fantasy Golf scratch off cards let you play a round of golf in minutes



The idea of our Fantasy Golf Cards was born decades ago after attending countless charity golf tournaments and seeing the same raffles and fundraisers time and again. If you're hosting a golf tournament and looking for golf fundraising ideas or new golf sponsorship ideas, these scratch off golf games will impress you! The scratch off cards attract sponsors because they're something new and exciting to attach their name and brand to. And since these cards are physically held in the golfers' hands, the sponsors' message is visible for a longer period of time than signage on a hole - Fantasy Golf Cards are incredibly valuable advertising for them. The gold scratch off spots on the cards plus the randomization of the numbers beneath the spots make these cards a favorite with golfers who love playing them and will usually buy multiple cards. So the cards are not just fun, but they are easy to sell.  This gives you two significant ways to raise A LOT of money with Fantasy Golf Cards!


Our goal is to help your golf tournament be successful. This means not only raising as much money as possible for your organization and breaking all previous fundraising records, but also providing your sponsors with quality products they're excited to attach their brand to and giving golfers a memorable experience. These scratch off golf cards tick every box! They're a fun and easy fundraising game to implement at your next golf tournament.


Please contact us with questions or if you're interested in a scratch off golf fundraiser that's customized for your event,  league, or golf course. We're excited to meet you!

Some corporate clients we've had the privilege to work with.

Some of our clients who have used Fantasy Golf scratch off cards
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