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The hottest golf tournament fundraiser ideas on the market!

If you're scouring the internet looking for new golf fundraising ideas and you keep seeing the same things over and over (we're talking about you mulligans, hole sponsorships and putting contests)...then we're so glad you found our website. You've come to the right place for golf fundraisers that are exciting and effective! It only takes the addition of one item to make this a record breaking fundraising year for your event: Fantasy Golf scratch off cards!

We've all been to our share of golf tournaments and quite honestly, the format is usually the same. You golf, there's lunch, you have a few drinks, bid on some silent auction items, buy a handful of raffle tickets that get shoved into your pocket and forgotten, and you eat dinner. This is the standard format most charity golf tournaments follow. And they do raise money. To a point.

This year, make your golf tournament stand out. Attract new sponsors. Engage your golfers. Break all previous fundraising records. This is simply the single best revenue generator you can use at your charity golf tournament. These scratch off golf games are fun, exciting and they're something everyone can play!

These cards will raise money at your golf tournament two very important ways:


Attract new sponsors and donors with Fantasy Golf cards. These scratch off golf games are so unique and exciting, they give your team a brand new reason to call on companies who may have sponsored your event in the past but haven't for a few years. Because these cards are physically in the golfers' hands, the visibility the sponsors get by advertising on these cards is unprecedented. You can have one title sponsor for these cards or you can fill up the card with multiple logos, coupons, charity information, websites, etc. These scratch off fundraisers are a revenue machine.


When you play a Fantasy Golf card, you're scratching off the holes to see what you "shot." Each card is numbered differently, so each card is a potential winner. You'll scratch off to reveal anything from a quadruple bogey (ouch) to a hole in one. These sell so much easier than raffle tickets simply because they're interactive. Golfers will play against their fellow foursome teammates, laughing all the way..and buying multiple cards. You determine the price of these when you resell them. Usually these golf games sell for 1 card for $5 or 3 for $10, but we've worked with tournaments that have sold these cards for $50 or more per card.

Attract new sponsors. Entertain your golfers.

Raise an unprecedented amount of money!

This is what the Fantasy Golf cards do for a charity golf tournament. If you order generic cards, they ship within 24 hours. If you order custom cards, they will ship within one week. As an added bonus, there is no charge for the graphic design - you have our award winning design team working for you! If you're looking for a new golf tournament fundraising idea, we've got you covered. Please contact with any questions. We'd love to work with you and your tournament!


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