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Ridiculously Fun Golf Tournament Fundraising Ideas!

This year at your charity golf tournament, sky-rocket your revenues with Fantasy Golf scratch off cards. This is a unique scratch off golf game where you sell scratch off golf cards to your golfers.

Every tournament is looking for the ultimate golf tournament fundraising ideas. Fantasy Golf Cards provide a unique way to bolster your revenue stream. These cards are similar to selling raffle tickets, but since the Fantasy Golf Cards are interactive games, they're so much more fun (and they're a whole lot easier to sell too!) Golfers scratch off their cards to see what they "shot." The lowest score wins. Since every card is numbered differently, each card is legitimately a potential winner. It just depends which spots you scratch off. These cards are so easy to sell and raise money so quickly at a tournament. Resell them for $5 a card or $10 for 3 cards...or like the Baby2Baby cards shown below, they can be sold for $40 a card. Now that's a phenomenal fundraiser!

Take your golf tournament fundraiser to the next level by incorporating sponsors onto the Fantasy Golf scratch off cards. You can have one title sponsor like the card shown above, or you can fill it with multiple sponsors' logos and information. The sky is the limit...and so is the fundraising earning potential!

You can get any of our Fantasy Golf cards generic or you can customize them with sponsors. All generic cards ship within a day of placing your order. Custom cards ship within 1 week. If you need help with the graphic design on our custom cards, we can do it for you for free! Call us to get started: 1-440-333-4302.



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